Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul. --Joyce Carol Oates

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

365 in '05?

Can I manage to read 365 short stories this year? Stay tuned. . .

1. "You Should Fear Us." Orhan Pamuk
2. "On the Day that E.M. Forster Died." A.S. Byatt
3. "A Memory." Eudora Welty
4. "The Third Resignation." Gabriel Garcia Marquez
5. "The Dead." James Joyce (reread)
6. "My Side of the Matter." Truman Capote (reread)
7. "Why I Live at the P.O." Eudora Welty (reread)
8. "Fish." Michel Faber
9. "The Red Cement Truck." Michel Faber
10. "Toy Story." Michel Faber
11. "The Juniper Tree." Lorrie Moore
12. "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Truman Capote
13. "A Diamond Guitar." Truman Capote
14. "A Christmas Memory." Truman Capote
15. "House of Flowers." Truman Capote
16. "Runaway." Alice Munro
17. "Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden." Eudora Welty
18. "Petrified Man." Eudora Welty
19. "Chance." Alice Munro
20. "Soon." Alice Munro
21. "Silence." Alice Munro
22. "Lily Daw and the Three Ladies." Eudora Welty
23. "Psychology." Katherine Mansfield
24. "A Piece of News." Eudora Welty
25. "The Fifth Victim--Missing Scenes." Kate Ashe (asj fanfic)
26. "A Place to Call Home." Leah Anders (asj fanfic)
27. "Passion." Alice Munro
28. "Trespasses." Alice Munro
29. "Somewhere Warm and Comfortable." Michel Faber
30. "Tricks." Alice Munro
31. "The Gossip Cell." Michel Faber
32. "The Crust of Hell." Michel Faber
33. "Powers." Alice Munro
34. "In Case of Vertigo." Michel Faber
35. "The Parrot." Elizabeth Bowen
36. "Shoes: An International Episode." Elizabeth Bowen
37. "The Poor are Always With Us." Tobias Wolff
38. "Say Yes." Tobias Wolff
39. "The Rich Brother." Tobias Wolff
40. "Coming Attractions." Tobias Wolff
41. "Loss of Face." A.S. Byatt
42. "The July Ghost." A.S. Byatt
43. "Sister." Tobias Wolff
44. "Our Story Begins." Tobias Wolff
45. "A Mink of One's Own." Truman Capote
46. "The Cat Jumps." Elizabeth Bowen
47. "The Missing Person." Tobias Wolff
48. "Desert Breakdown, 1968." Tobias Wolff
49. "Leviathan." Tobias Wolff
50. "Soldier's Joy." Tobias Wolff
51. "Facing the Demons." JoAnn Baker (asj fanfic)
52. "Eyes of Moon Lake." Susanna Leslie (asj fanfic)
53. "Beaver City Blues." CD Roberts (asj fanfic)
54. "Cross Trained." Drena Hills (asj fanfic)
55. "The Posse That Wouldn't Quit From Memory." CD Roberts (asj fanfic)
56. "Tooth and Claw." T. Coraghessan Boyle
57. "Intervention." Jill McCorkle
58. "The Evil that Men Do--." Elizabeth Bowen
59. "Rose-Coloured Teacups." A.S. Byatt
60. "The Dried Witch." A.S. Byatt
61. "Racine and the Tablecloth." A.S. Byatt
62. "Children on Their Birthdays." Truman Capote (reread)
63. "The Ugliest Pilgrim." Doris Betts (reread)
64. "The Next Room." A.S. Byatt
65. "Sugar." A.S. Byatt
66. "Forget Me Not." Leah Anders (asj fanfic)
67. "The Walls Are Cold." Truman Capote
68. "The Shape of Things." Truman Capote
69. "The View from Knightsgate." Susanna Leslie (asj fanfic)
70. "The Changeling." A.S. Byatt
71. "The Widow and the Parrot: A True Story." Virginia Woolf
72. "In the Air." A.S. Byatt
73. "Precipice-Encurled." A.S. Byatt
74. "This Cell Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us." Leah Anders (asj fanfic)
75. "Never Get Involved in Another Man's Feud." Dusty Boots (asj fanfic)
76. "The Isabel Fish." Julie Orringer
77. "Pilgrim." Julie Orringer
78. "A Difficult Delivery." Kate Ashe (asj fanfic)
79. "Mountain of Agony." CD Roberts (asj fanfic)
80. "When She is Old and I am Famous." Julie Orringer
81. "The Key." Eudora Welty
82. "Note to Sixth-Grade Self." Julie Orringer
83. "The Smoothest Way is Full of Stones." Julie Orringer
84. "Old Mr. Marblehall." Eudora Welty
85. "A Visit of Charity." Eudora Welty
86. "Breakfast." Elizabeth Bowen
87. "The New House." Elizabeth Bowen
88. "A Worn Path." Eudora Welty
89. "Flowers for Marjorie." Eudora Welty
90. "The Whistle." Eudora Welty
91. "Where is the Voice Coming From?" Eudora Welty
92. "A Curtain of Green." Eudora Welty
93. "Death of a Traveling Salesman." Eudora Welty
94. "Stations of the Cross." Julie Orringer
95. "Clytie." Eudora Welty
96. "What We Save." Julie Orringer
97. "The Hitch-Hikers." Eudora Welty
98. "Powerhouse." Eudora Welty
99. "Care." Julie Orringer
100. "Stars of Motown Shining Bright." Julie Orringer
101. "Cages." Guy Vanderhaeghe
102. "The Tutor." Nell Freudenberger
103. "Accomplice." Sarah Sun-Lien Bynum
104. "Joining Charles." Elizabeth Bowen
105. "The Tommy Crans." Elizabeth Bowen
106. "The Apple Tree." Elizabeth Bowen
107. "What Kind of Furniture Would Jesus Pick?" Annie Proulx
108. "Grace." Paula Fox
109. "The Storm." Elizabeth Bowen
110. "The Easter Egg Party." Elizabeth Bowen
111. "Attractive Modern Homes." Elizabeth Bowen
112. "Written in Stone." Catherine Brady
113. "Rare Bird." Andrea Barrett
114. "The Marburg Sisters." Andrea Barrett
115. "Telling." Elizabeth Bowen
116. "Birds with No Feet." Andrea Barrett
117. "Soroche." Andrea Barrett
118. "The Littoral Zone." Andrea Barrett
119. "The English Pupil." Andrea Barrett
120. "The Behavior of the Hawkweeds." Andrea Barrett (reread)
121. "Sun and Moon." Katherine Mansfield
122. "Job History." Annie Proulx
123. "Ship Fever." Andrea Barrett
124. "Trains at Night." Alberto Alvaro Rios
125. "Saturnino el Magnifico." Alberto Alvara Rios
126. "The Road From Colonus." E.M. Forster
127. "Pig Cookies." Alberto Alvara Rios
128. "Waltz of the Fat Man." Alberto Alvara Rios
129. "Shower of Gold." Eudora Welty
130. "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." Dorothy M. Johnson
131. "Who Is It Can Tell Me Who I Am?" Gina Berriault
132. "The Last Rabbit." Emma Donoghue
133. "A Mouthful of Cut Glass." Tessa Hadley
134. "Acts of Union." Emma Donoghue
135. "The Cobweb." Zona Gale
136. "Sheep." Michel Faber
137. "55 Miles to the Gas Pump." Annie Proulx
138. "The Blood Bay." Annie Proulx
139. "Haunting Olivia." Karen Russell
140. "Ed Has His Mind Improved." Walter R. Brooks
141. "The Library of Babel." Jorge Luis Borges
142. "The Story of St. Vespaluus." Saki
143. "An Ex-Mas Feast." Uwem Akpan
144. "The Second Tree from the Corner." E.B. White
145. "The Farmer's Children." Elizabeth Bishop
146. "The Point of It." E.M. Forster
147. "Mr. Andrews." E.M. Forster
148. "The Best Place for It." Richard Powers
149. "The Fox on the Line." Emma Donoghue
150. "A Nurse's Story." Peter Baida
151. "Mister Brother." Michael Cunningham
152. "The Saga of Ref the Sly." George Clark, trans.
153. "The Rabbit Hole as Likely Explanation." Ann Beattie
154. "Powder." Tobias Wolff
155. "Flyboys." Tobias Wolff
156. "Bullet in the Brain." Tobias Wolff (reread)
157. "A Conversation with My Father." Grace Paley
158. "A Jury of Her Peers." Susan Glaspell
159. "'Finality' in Freeport." Susan Glaspell
160. "The Anarchist: His Dog." Susan Glaspell
161. "At Twilight." Susan Glaspell
162. "From A to Z." Susan Glaspell
163. "The Life of the Body." Tobias Wolff
164. "The Public Library." Isaac Babel
165. "The Phoenix." Ursula K. LeGuin
166. "Mortals." Tobias Wolff
167. "Hills Like White Elephants." Ernest Hemingway (reread)
168. "A Day's Wait." Ernest Hemingway
169. "The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio." Ernest Hemingway
170. "A Canary for One." Ernest Hemingway
171. "Mr. and Mrs. Elliot." Ernest Hemingway
172. " Lady's Dream." Tobias Wolff
173. "On the Quai at Smyrna." Ernest Hemingway
174. "My Old Man." Ernest Hemingway
175. "CommComm." George Saunders
176. "Offloading for Mrs. Schwartz." George Saunders
177. "CivilWarLand in Bad Decline." George Saunders
178. "Isabelle." George Saunders
179. "Downtrodden Mary's Failed Campaign of Terror." George Saunders
180. "Mrs. Smith and Jones." Karen Sumners (asj fanfic)
181. "The Mutability of Literature." Washington Irving
182. "Bounty." George Saunders
183. "The Wavemaker Falters." George Saunders
184. "The 400-Pound CEO." George Saunders
185. "Theories of Rain." Andrea Barrett
186. "The Devil and Tom Walker." Washington Irving
187. "The Black Cat." Edgar Allan Poe
188. "Chicken Little Goes Too Far." Margaret Atwood
189. "The Tent." Margaret Atwood
190. "Brokeback Mountain." Annie Proulx (reread)
191. "The Nine Billion Names of God." Arthur Clarke
192. "In Ruth's Country." Rick Bass (reread)
193. "Wild Horses." Rick Bass (reread)
194. "Apocalypse." T. E. Holt (reread)
195. "My Kinsman, Major Molineux." Nathaniel Hawthorne
196. "The Minister's Black Veil." Nathaniel Hawthorne
197. "The Cave." Rick Bass
198. "Eating." Rick Bass
199. "Love and Obstacles." Aleksandar Hemon
200. "True Short Story." Ali Smith


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