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Sunday, January 03, 2010

210 Stories in 2010

short story challenge

Can I read 210 stories in 2010? Time will tell.

Read in January:

1. Prima Belladonna. J.G. Ballard
2. Escapement. J.G. Ballard
3. The Concentration City. J.G. Ballard
4. A Journal of Certain Events of Scientific Interest from the First Survey Voyage of the Southern Waters by HMS Ocelot, As Observed by Professor Thaddeus Boswell, DPhil, MSc, or
A Lullaby. Helen Keeble

5. Mule Killers. Lydia Peelle
6. Phantom Pain. Lydia Peelle
7. Sweethearts of the Rodeo. Lydia Peelle
8. The Still Point. Lydia Peelle
9. Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing. Lydia Peelle
10. This Is Not a Love Story. Lydia Peelle
11. A Perfect Day for Bananafish. J.D. Salinger (reread)
12. Just Before the War With the Eskimos. J.D. Salinger (reread)
13. Kidding Season. Lydia Peelle
14. Luc and His Father. Mavis Gallant

Read in February:

15. Shadow on a Weary Land. Lydia Peelle
16. Hapworth 16, 1924. J.D. Salinger
17. Yard Sale. Wendy Kibler
18. What We Know Now. Steven Amsterdam
19, The Theft That Got Me Here. Steven Amsterdam
20. Dry Land. Steven Amsterdam
21. Cake Walk. Steven Amsterdam
22. Uses for Vinegar. Steven Amsterdam
23. The Forest for the Trees. Steven Amsterdam
24. Predisposed. Steven Amsterdam
25. The Profit Motive. Steven Amsterdam
26. Best Medicine. Steven Amsterdam
27. The Assembly. Mavis Gallant
28. Lena. Mavis Gallant
29. Speck's Idea. Mavis Gallant
30. Overhead in a Balloon. Mavis Gallant
31. A Painful Affair. Mavis Gallant
32. Larry. Mavis Gallant
33. A Flying Start. Mavis Gallant
34. Grippes and Poche. Mavis Gallant
35. A Recollection. Mavis Gallant
36. Rue de Lille. Mavis Gallant
37. The Colonel's Child. Mavis Gallant
38. Venus Smiles. J.G. Ballard
39. Manhole 69. J.G. Ballard

Read in March:

40. The Bet. Anton Chekhov
41. Grace. James Joyce
42. Sheridan Drive-in. John McNally
43. My Family. Carrie Knowles
44. I Dream. Haven Kimmel
45. God Box. Jim Grimsley
46. The Thing. Marianne Gingher
47. The Girl Who Wanted to be a Horse. Doris Betts
48. Track 12. J.G. Ballard
49. The Waiting Grounds. J.G. Ballard
50. Wingfield. Tobias Wolff (reread)

Read in April:
51. Quadraturin. Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

Read in May:
52. The Epiphenomenon. J.C. Hallman
53. Ethan: A Love Story. J.C. Hallman
54. Autopoiesis for the Common Man. J.C. Hallman
55. The Arm. Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
56. Revenge. Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
57. Incident at Sokolniki. Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
58. A Mother's Farewell. Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
59. Dimanche. Irene Nemirovsky
60. Hygiene. Ludmilla Petrushevskaya

Read in June:
61. Miracle Boy. Pinckney Benedict

Read in July:
62. Buckeyes. Pinckney Benedict
63. Hard Times. Ron Rash

Read in August:
64. The Butcher Cock. Pinckney Benedict
65. Pony Car. Pinckney Benedict
66. The Corpse Bird. Ron Rash
67. Waiting for the End of the World. Ron Rash
68. Joe Messinger is Dreaming. Pinckney Benedict
69. Mudman. Pinckney Benedict
70. Back of Beyond. Ron Rash
71. Dead Confederates. Ron Rash
72. Lincolnites. Ron Rash
73. Bridge of Sighs. Pinckney Benedict
74. Falling Star. Ron Rash
75. Into the Gorge. Ron Rash
76. The Ascent. Ron Rash
77. The Woman Who Believed in Jaguars. Ron Rash
78. Burning Bright. Ron Rash
79. Return. Ron Rash
80. The Beginnings of Sorrow. Pinckney Benedict
81. The Angel's Trumpet. Pinckney Benedict
82. The World, the Flesh, and the Devil. Pinckney Benedict
83. Pig Helmet and the Wall of Life. Pinckney Benedict
84. The Secret Nature of the Mechanical Rabbit. Pinckney Benedict
85. Mercy. Pinckney Benedict
86. Zog-19: A Scientific Romance. Pinckney Benedict

Read in September:
87. Angouleme. Thomas M. Disch
88. Donkey Greedy, Donkey Gets Punched. Steve Almond
89. Into Silence. Marla Barton
90. The Cousins. Charles Baxter
91. Safari. Jennifer Egan
92. Someone Ought to Tell Her There's Nowhere to Go. Danielle Evans
93. The Valetudinarian. Joshua Ferris
94. Delicate Edible Birds. Lauren Groff
95. Least Resistance. Wayne Harrison
96. The Hollow. James Lasdun
97. Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events. Kevin Moffett
98. PS. Jill McCorkle
99. Painted Oceans, Painted Ship. Rebecca Makkai
100. My Last Attempt to Explain to You What Happened with the Lion Tamer. Brendan Mathews
101. The Laugh. Tea Obreht
102. All Boy. Lori Ostlund

Read in October:
103. The Seagull Army Descends on Strong Beach. Karen Russell
104. The Netherlands Lives with Water. Jim Shepard
105. The Cowboy Tango. Maggie Shipstead
106. Raw Water. Wells Tower

Read in December:
107. Ava Wrestles the Alligator. Karen Russell
108. Z.Z.'s Sleep-Away Camp for Disordered Dreamers. Karen Russell
109. from Children's Reminiscences of the Westward Migration. Karen Russell
110. Lady Teti and the Palace of Artificial Snows. Karen Russell
111. The City of Shells. Karen Russell
112. Out to Sea. Karen Russell
113. Accident Brief, Occurrence #00/422. Karen Russell


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